Thursday, June 28, 2012

What on earth is this about?

So I'm starting a blog. Whats it about? It is about the Java Statistical Analysis Tool, a library I'm writing in my free time for fun and to teach myself. Its constantly evolving, and has lots of mistakes in design in it, and will eventually change several times. There are also several parts that I should have just used a pre-made library for, but did myself just for learning purposes. Its a bad habit, but all well.

But I'm hoping it will be helpful for people. Currently, I'm focusing it towards use in Machine Learning (ML), specifically focusing on Classification, Regression, and Clustering.

So what will I put here that you want to read? Hopefully everything, but unlikely. I'll be putting in a number of introductory and high level posts, intended for people who are technical in general but not in ML. I'll also post about algorithms and methods I have or am implementing, often in the context of using them in JSAT.

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